Zybro Grievance Redressal System

The perfect way to dispose of the Grievances at your campus

About Zybro EduSystems


ZybroEduSystems, one of the leading education technology providers is a trusted partner of many institutions, which take pride in providing excellent infrastructure and quality learning atmosphere to the institute constituents. Zybro offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of technology solutions including Digital Language Lab, Digital Library, E-learning and many more in the education sector. The highly efficient solutions brought to you by Zybro let you create the most favourable educational possibilities for the users.
The Zybro Group of Companies has so far given birth to three of the most advanced educational software the world has ever created:

  • Zybro Digital Language Lab
  • Zybro Anti- Caste Discrimination Complaint Registration System
  • Zybro Grievance Redressal System

Zybro Grievance Redressal System, the latest education empowering tool from ZybroEduSystems has been incorporated with best possible features that make it likeable to educational institutions worldwide. This grievance system is built with separate interfaces for the administrator, grievance committee members and complainants to deal with grievances in a very transparent and fair manner. While providing all the most favourable options for grievance processing, Zybro is perfectly designed with no loopholes for manipulations.