Zybro Grievance Redressal System

The perfect way to dispose of the Grievances at your campus

Importance of Zybro GRS-Pros


University campuses in India are diverse graced with students, teachers and non-teaching staff of various origin and ethnicity and also from different states. Hence malpractices of bullying, ragging and ill-treatment are bound to happen within the barrier of colleges. Biases and favoritism regarding admission of students are not rare events either. In order to provide rights of equality for everyone in every spectrum of education formation of a systematized scheme of grievance Redressal was inevitable.

Zybro Grievance Redressal System is an online grievance management system that was created with a vision to automate the grievance processes right from its registration to enclosure. The strategies employed by Zybro GRS make sure that the complaints get attended by the grievance committee members on time. The delays are thereby removed and prompt solutions are given. The in-charge officers are notified of the grievances and they let the aggrieved have the solutions in their favor. The user-friendly interface of the Zybro GRS curtails the distance and time barrier between users and institute management to create responsive and cordial situation in the institute.

Below are some of the numerous advantages of ZybroGRS:

  • Systematic and streamlined grievance reporting
  • Complainants (Students/parents/teachers/staff) need not directly approach the grievance cell member to register complaints
  • Fair and speedy means of grievance redressal
  • Confidentiality and transparency
  • Encourages complainants to raise grievances without fear
  • Saves time of aggrieved person and cell members
  • Automates the entire grievance procedures right from registration to closure
  • Advantage over paper-based systems as online GRS can alert users immediately on the grievance, action taken etc.
  • Round the clock availability of system
  • Improved communication by way of SMS / E-mail alerts
  • Builds harmonious atmosphere in campus