Zybro Grievance Redressal System

The perfect way to dispose of the Grievances at your campus

Features of Zybro GRS


Zybro Grievance Redressal System makes sure that the institution we serve has responsibility and maximum results in Grievance Redressal Procedures with ultimate transparency and clandestine nature. Zybro Grievance Redressal Portal has been enhanced with so many exceptional elements that turn the grievance process simple and easy to handle.

Let’s look into a few of those features of Zybro GRS:
Here are the Interfaces of the software

Student - Guardian - Staff :- Complainants

  • Complaints from students, guardians and staff can be posted
  • Can view the status, reply from the grievance committee members, and notifications from the grievance committee members.
  • If the solution sounds unsatisfactory, you can reopen the case
  • Can give detailed description of the grievance not more than in 4000 words.
  • Attach the files that support the petition, if any
  • Send emphasis/alert to grievance committee members regarding the pending grievances
  • Make changes and reset the profile


  • The Grievance committee members and Executive Board are added in the software by the Administrator
  • The users registered in the portal are verified and approved by the administrator by making sure of their originality
  • The complaints and grievances are viewed and checked of authenticity by the administrator
  • Can assign complaints to grievance cell members based on the complaint nature/type
  • Can generate reports on monthly/ annual basis.
  • Edit & reset profile

Grievance Committee Members

  • Grievance Committee member can reply to the complaints posted
  • Can generate reports on monthly/ annual basis.
  • the grievance committee member has his own account to edit and reset the profiles
  • Generate report on the total/pending/closed complaints, assigning start and end date
  • Give satisfactory solution to re-opened complaints
  • Send reply to the complaints along with attachments, if any
  • View reminders on pending complaints

Executive Board

  • Acts as a monitoring agency
  • Delivers solution for the grievances by students, guardians and staff
  • The ultimate decision-maker